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KeyHydra 1.0 or 2.0 [You choose]

Paid KeyHydraV2 or Free KeyHydraV1 For 3DSMax 2022, 21, 20

!!! KeyHydra V2 is available, V1 Stay Free !!!

We worked so Hard on KeyHydra 2.

We Are Confident That If You Try "KeyHydra 1"And Like It, You Will Love Our Brand New "KeyHydra 2" Features

This is why "KeyHydraV1" Stay DRM Free Ready For Download !!!

  • No DRM

  • No Limitations

  • All Features

  • Max 2020 to 2022 Compatibility

    You can use it for free "as is" and if you fall in love with it Please help us and purchase one KeyHydra V2 License. 

    KeyHydra V2 is the only one with 2023 Support


KeyHydra 2 Is Better, Faster & Stronger

KeyHydra 2.0

What Will The New Features Be :

  • Allmost entirely re written.

  • A brand New Shortcut Manager. [With Drag n drop].

  • New responsive UI

  • 4K & 8K Screen Support

  • Faster UI

  • WheelCtrl Improvements

  • Lazercut Improvement and Fixes

  • All Modifiers are now C++ [Faster].

  • In System User Help For Tools and Macros [On Roll Over].

  • KeyHydra Shortcuts Copy/Paste Row and Blocks.

  • KeyHydra Shortcuts Remove Unused Cases.

  • KeyHydra Shortcuts FallBack.

  • Support 3DSMax 2020 To 2023 on same machine.

KeyHydra 1.0

  • 1 YEAR

  • NO DRM


    [Shortcuts, LazerCut, WheelCtrl, Modifiers, + 350 Tools & Macros]

  • 1 TO 20 USERS

  • Will work with Max 2020 To 2022 on same machine.

  • For the whole world.

  • Internet connexion isn't required anymore [NO DRM AT ALL]

  • Will work Offline too once installed

    So why should you BUY KeyHydra 2.0 ?


  • All our efforts are now on KeyHydra V2.

  • Support 3DSMax 2020 To 2023 on same machine.

  • V1 will not be supported anymore [No Bug Fixes, No Recompilation].

  • KeyHydra 2.0 Is  High DPI Screen Ready [Support 4K]
    While Max Resolution in V1 is 2560*1440

  • KeyHydra 2.0 Is faster. [UI, and modifiers is really faster]

  • KeyHydra 2.0 do have a better system architecture. [Future Proof].

  • No FREE OF Charges Updates For V1.0 will be delivered.

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