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In Viewport Modeling With Less UI


WheelCtrl is part of Onikanabo’s KeyHydra package.

It bring an  interactive modeling workflow inside 3ds max using the Mouse Scrolling Wheel as Imput method in order to tweak settings and values of all almost all modeling operations.

Wheel control allow the user to control any modeling op with mouse wheel :


From Amount Of Segments On Primitives, To Connect Amount, Pinches, Extrudes Settings.


 Even the one that are not yet inside max [technical people will be hable to tweek the xml file].

Ohhh, loving this update! The more tools that let us click less, the better.

Justo - Polycount Community Member


WheelCtrl Have been designed to work in junction  with KeyHydra's shortcuts.


WheelCtrl Will allow you to interact faster in viewport without having to type value on keyboard.


WheelCtrl will speed your workflow.


Being fast is being efficient, when it come to modeling.

In The Flow

WheelCtrl will allow you to stay in the Flow.It Ergonomic.
Everything Users need is in a Tiny Box.

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