Be Procedural

KeyHydra package comme with some modifiers.

Circular Clone, Linear Clone, Volume Slice, Wrap&Conform as well as InsetSg [Now part of 3DSMax - So Called Inset Flow]

Staying flexible from the beginning to the end is Important !

This is why we need Procedural Modifiers.

Our Modifiers allow last-minute changes no matter which project you’re working on.

I come from the future, and proceduralism is the future.

T1000 - Somwhere in 2027


We try to have the best UI and ease of use.

Each modifiers do come with a quick preset feature too.


If you find a bug please tell us we will fix it.


Our Modifiers will allow you to model more complex shapes.


Stay Flexible & Iterate.

  • Circular Clone Axis Options

    Circular Clone accepts differents Rotation axis :

    • World

    • Local

    • Pivot

    • Or even an helper that can be moved after.

  • Circular Clone

    Bend Feature

    This gif shows the "Bend" feature of our Circular Clone Modifier.

    We first use "KeyHydra Linear Clone" to multiply a pattern
    , than we use "Circular Clone" with bending feature in order to obtain the circular shape of that wheel.

    And this way we do have a fully procedural wheel.

  • Linear Clone Last Clone

    Clone Heavenly With one helper acting as last clone. Space, Rotation and scale can than be hevenly distributed too.

  • Linear Clone Input Controls

    This giff show the 2 differents input control.


    • 1St Clone. [Nice mode to obtain complexe cloning sequence].

    • Last Clone. [This one will show an heavenly distribution base of the space in between 1st node and last one].

  • Linear Clone Modes

    Users can clone by offset [values] or let the modifiers calculate the spaces in between 1st and last nodes.

    You choose !

  • Wrap&Conform

    WrapAndConform allows to project a more complex topology onto a simpler one in order to have perfect shading.

  • VolumeSlice Overview

    User can slice by "count" [x slice along BoundingBox] or by "size" [one slice every X meters].

    We can also show the grid in order to previz all slices planes.

  • VolumeSlice Options

    We can decide to slice selection only and obtain sliced edges as selection output.

  • InsetSg Presets


  • InsetSg Explicit Normals


  • InsetSg Consistent Width


  • InsetSg Consisten Radius


  • InsetSg Slanted Edges


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